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Office for approval and then forwarded to the Registrar's Office in order to nominate the committee. Changes in a thesis committee can be made at any time, with the approval of the student’s advisor, the Graduate Director, and the Graduate School. In addition to the Graduate School’s requirements for the composition of a thesis examining committee, the Department of Mechanical Engineering requires that mechanical and reliability engineering thesis committees be comprised of three regular faculty members (tenure or tenure-track faculty). Additional members beyond these three can be made, including the special nomination of research faculty or outside scientists.

A minimum of five courses must be completed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Two additional technical courses should be selected by students in consultation with their academic advisor. These elective courses should be at the graduate level (100 or above). For students that did not take the Design Core, the Department recommends a design course as part of the program of study (e.g. ME102, Inventive Design, although this is not required.

These courses need not be taken in mechanical engineering. With advisor approval, students may take their focus coursework at the graduate level in other engineering departments, in computer science, in the physical sciences, or in mathematics. However, taking courses outside of engineering and the sciences are exceptions in this program requiring departmental approval prior to registration; otherwise such courses will not be counted towards the degree requirements.

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M.S. students must complete a minimum of 6 credits of Master's Thesis Research (ENME 799) while preparing the M.S. thesis. Thesis research must be carried out under the guidance of an advisor who is a member of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Faculty. The thesis must be presented formally and defended in an oral examination open to the public, which is conducted upon completion of the thesis.

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducts research and provides education based on the four fundamental disciplines of mechanics, namely, mechanical dynamics, material mechanics, hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. These disciplines cover a wide range of applications including the environment, energy, biomedical design and production, and system engineering. Graduate students apply the skills and knowledge accmulated during their undergraduate studies through course and thesis work covering various research themes prepared from cutting edge science related to applied industrial technology. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the best opportunities for research and education in the mechanical engineering fields that form the foundation of modern society. Our goal is to develop and refine the student’s expertise as researchers and engineers so that they can develop science and technology to help create safe, dependable, healthy and rich lives forcivilization around the world.

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering provides well-organized curricula to educate high level researchers and engineers. The education program for undergraduate students includes fundamental lectures of mechanical engineering; kinetics and dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermo dynamics, material mechanics, design and production engineering, as well as a lot of group working programs with machine making and test experiments. The graduate courses for master and doctoral students provide advanced lectures of mechanical engineering and thesis research programs. Active research activities cover wide-range interdisciplinary engineering fields like micro/nano mechanical, environmental, energy-oriented, biomechanical, advanced design and production engineering. Conducting these curricula and research programs supervised by approximately 40 faculties including the members of Institute of Industrial Science, the Department of Mechanical Engineering will continuously produce many talented researchers and engineers, and then lead the progress of technology in mechanical engineering, contributing to the sustainable growth of the society.

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Participants in the BS/MS Program in the Woodruff School can obtain a master's degree in mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, medical physics, or in Georgia Tech's interdisciplinary bioengineering graduate program. There are two options to consider: