Supervisor has given the permission to submit the thesis:

The thesis is submitted on MyCourses in two separate folders, each of the thesis files with identical content. One folder is for the supervisor to evaluate the thesis, and the other is for the Learning Centre, which will direct the student to the eAge system. The Learning Centre folder is used for the archiving process and for the official approval. The student can can give permission for publishing their whole thesis on eAge. More detailed instructions can be found on MyCourses.

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When the student wishes to submit the final version of their thesis, the thesis has to be completely ready, and the supervisor has to have given their permission to submit the thesis. The thesis cannot be submitted unfinished or in several parts. The grade given for the thesis cannot be upgraded. The student has to be enrolled as attending when submitting the thesis.

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You may also visit your own department’s, study programme’s pages at Into for more detailed instructions or you will learn more from the syllabus of your own thesis seminar and from your thesis seminar supervisors.

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Please note that submitting the final version of the thesis and saving the data to MyCourses and eAge is obligatory for all students wishing to get their thesis work evaluated.

Further information on ordering the diploma can be found .

History. UA was established by royal decree on December 31, 1836, January 21, 1837 (NS), under the name "Royal School of Arts" (. chalmers library master thesis

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Chalmers library master thesis History. UA was established by royal decree on December 31, 1836, January 21, 1837 (NS), under the name "Royal School of Arts" (.

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Instead of Unigrafia, students may use another printing house. In this case, students themselves have to deliver an archive copy () to the Learning Centre (Mailing address: Aalto University Learning Centre / Master’s Theses, PO Box 17000, FI-00076 AALTO, FINLAND).

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Dissertation titles in accounting A Masters Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation is the capstone of many graduate programs. Requires a monumental amount of effort to put together the original.

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