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AD 600 Research Methods (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 10
(Araştırma Yöntemleri )

Fundamentals of applied social science research focusing on research processes; theory construction and hypothesis development; basic choices in research design including focus group interviews, case studies, ethnography, survey research and experimentation; sampling design; measurement and instrument design; reliability and validity in measurement, and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

How do children respond to advertising? What is the consumer socialization process?

AD 542 New Product Management (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7,5
(Yeni Mamul Yönetimi)

The search for new product ideas and their evaluation; the organizational structure necessary for the development and introduction of new products and the management of a product line, the commercial aspects of product design, packaging, labeling and branding; pricing, promoting and selection of channels for new products; considerations involved in making product deletion decisions.
Prerequisite: AD 540 or consent of the instructor.

Master Thesis Consumer Behavior

Why is it important to know customers’ needs? What are the ways to create a successful product?

AD 518 Financial Strategy and Planning (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7,5
(Finansal Strateji ve Planlama)
The basic inputs to the planning system. Objective-setting, project planning and budgeting phases. Detailed analysis of operating budgets and financial budgets. Variance analyses and control phases of planning.
Prerequisite: AD 576 or consent of the instructor.

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Research Paper On Consumer Buying Behavior

The Leiden programme in Economic and Consumer Psychology has a core curriculum with a focus on the integration of psychological and economic theories and practice. The programme provides students with in-depth knowledge of the field by emphasizing general principles that underlie economic and consumer behaviour. This is reflected in courses that stress the basic principles of these behaviours and build on these basic principles.

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