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Lecture, 3 hours; 3 credits. This course will focus on narratives of national identity in the age of globalization. Seminal works of cultural criticism, philosophy, and political philosophy will shed light on the complex nature of national identity construction in the contemporary world.

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The M Phil in Public Policy at the CPPG aims to contribute to the education of a new generation of public policy-makers and policy analysts, familiarizing them with the necessary concepts, theories, methods and principles involved in the formulation and analysis of public policy. The program aims to equip students with the theoretical tools and empirical evidence necessary for an in-depth understanding of policy-making in emerging democracies; including the changing nature of governance, practices and ethical questions surrounding the role of the state. The thrust of the program is to bridge the gaps between research and policy making.

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Lecture 3 hours; 3 credits. The focus of this research seminar will be on the role of normative ideas in international relations. Students will be introduced to the growing literature on normative approaches to international relations as well as the traditional literature on the practical and philosophical problems of ethical action in the relations of states. Although a number of policy applications will be considered, the primary focus will be on the theoretical incorporation of normative ideas into our understanding of state action in the anarchic international environment.

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The SSL holds selected Master's Dissertations in certain social science graduate courses. All DPhil Theses are kept at the Bodleian Library. In addition, the Bodleian Libraries offer a number of comprehensive for accessing citations and full text of theses and dissertations.