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Introduction to the range of approaches to research as practised in applied linguistics. Topics to be covered focus on three main areas: research paradigms, or the philosophical assumptions concerning knowledge and inquiry and the ethical considerations in carrying out research. research strategies, or specific purposes and designs for research, such as experiments, quasi-experiments, ethnography, discourse and conversation analysis, action research and program evaluation. and data collection and analysis techniques, such as tests and surveys, observation, interviews, introspection, think-aloud protocols, and qualitative data analysis. These topics will be explored with the aim of prepari...

The Abstract and the epiphenomenal : A thesis on the philosophy of linguistics

This is an introductory subject designed to enable students to acquire the basic tools necessary for critically READING about and carrying out quantitative empirical research in applied linguistics. Students will be given practice in the application of statistics in the analysis of data obtained from research and will be introduced to the use of computers with statistical packages to analyse data. Throughout, there will be a focus on the practicality and usefulness of the skills developed for the tasks of understanding research literature in Applied Linguistics, and of carrying out research in settings relevant to students. No prior knowledge of mathematics or of statistical procedures wi...

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How many real Mods are there on this 'Modslist'? : the linguistic construction of space in a non-spatial environment

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