to realize Mandarin-Tibetan cross-lingual speech synthesis.

This paper proposes a method to generate natural prosody parameters in Chinese and English mixed-language speech synthesis system which is based on separate Chinese, English, and a small bilingual corpus.

 - A compact open source software speech synthesizer for Linux, Windows, and other platforms.

A global phone set, which uses the smallest phone inventory to cover all phones of the languages affected, has been tried in multilingual or language-independent speech recognition and synthesis [7]...

Speech Synthesis Markup Requirements for Voice …

Modeling Pause-Duration for Style-Specific Speech SynthesisInterspeech 2012, Portland, OR.

CHATR: a multi-lingual speech re-sequencing synthesis system(In Japanese) Institute of Electronic, Information and CommunicationEngineers, Spring Meeting, Tokyo SP-96-07,

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In this paper, we describe an HMM-based speech synthesis system in which spectrum, pitch and state duration are modeled simultaneously in a unified framework of HMM.

eSpeak produces good quality English speech

The third more speculative part discusses the steps that would be necessary to allow high quality synthesis of new languages by recording only minimal amounts in that language.

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SoftVoice even has extensive singing support!

Duringspeech, the programmer can elect to receive a variety of different messages backfrom the synthesizer.

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This paper investigates the need for applying English prosody when synthesising English portions of mixed English/German texts using a German-based polyglot text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis system.

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One of the main problems of this vocoder is that the voice characteristics of synthetic speech depend on HMMs used in the decoder, and are therefore fixed regardless of a variety of input speakers.

Embedded Text To Speech synthesis chip TTS modules …

Audio files are 16bit Microsoft .WAVat (mostly) 16KHz sampling.This is a short introduction to the Festival Speech Synthesis System.