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If you re-designed the human foot to be better for rock climbing, wouldn’t you look at mountain goats for inspiration? Kai Lin studied the goats’ hooves and anatomy, and combined their best attributes with the ways humans move to design a rock-climbing-specific prosthetic leg that could change the way amputees approach the sport. We caught up with Lin—a third-year design student at the Pratt Institute—to find out how he took his idea from a creative inspiration to a workable reality.

Infection of the hip prosthesis may require removal of the prosthesis and antibiotic treatment.

Using the , a health records linkage collaboration in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the team examined the records of 77 individuals receiving a transfemoral amputation between 2000 and 2014. They found that 46 of these patients had received a prosthetic knee. Of these, 22 individuals experienced 31 falls that resulted in an emergency department visit or hospitalization. If they fell more than once during an 18-month period, both incidents were excluded from the cost analysis to prevent misalignment of costs.

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Upper extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations.

There are many reasons why your prosthesis may be giving you trouble. Usually it has to do with your residual limb. If you allow yourself to get frustrated, you may tighten your muscles, which only makes the problem worse. So, just try to relax and follow these simple tips:

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The type of rehabilitation facility a patient is sent to can have a tremendous effect on the eventual outcome for that patient. Following discharge from a hospital, rehabilitation typically occurs in one of three places—at home, at a skilled nursing facility (SNF), or at an inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF). Per Medicare guidelines, IRFs provide, at minimum, physician services, onsite physical therapy, and social or psychological services [33]. They usually also provide access to prosthetic services or expertise. Rehabilitation physicians typically oversee day-to-day operations and medical procedures and create rehabilitation plans for each patient.

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This study was supported by the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association; the ; and the Rochester Epidemiology Project, which receives administrative and financial support from the center.

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At the McCleve Prosthetic Center, we will help match you with an that your comfortable with. Our patients range in age from young to old and many are trained as Peer Mentors to help you get comfortable with your prosthesis and new way of life. Whether you have lost both of your legs or one arm, we have an amputee peer mentor that can relate to you and discuss what it’s like to experience a below knee amputation, from first-hand knowledge. The sooner you talk to another amputee, the sooner you’ll start to understand that you can still achieve all your hopes and dreams. Common questions and the main reasons amputees seek us out:

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At McCleve O&P, we believe in a team approach to your below knee amputation and prosthetic care. We team with doctors, wound clinics, and rehabilitation centers across the state and country to assure you receive the very best care possible. Losing a limb is a traumatic experience and will require focus and teamwork to help you regain the mobility and quality of life you deserve.