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*There are some gaps in the numerical sequence of HTML Character codes because those items do not exist. Either a character’s HTML code or its character code (if there is one) may be used in an HTML source code document. Many Special HTML Characters, , and are the same.

How to encode left parenthesis in ASCII? left parenthesis in hexaLeft parenthesis in decimal hexa

§To obtain an HTML Character, simply type either the HTML code or the character code from the table above (into the source code document of a web page), and a browser will mark it up as a character.

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========= ANSWER ——— It is very simple to add special characters to documents using the ASCII code for that character.

ASCII stands for "American Standard Code for Information Interchange". It isthe character set that is used in PCs and most other small computers. (The other bigstandard is IBM's EBCDIC character set, which is used in IBM minis and mainframes). Thetable below lists all of the characters in the character set, along with their decimal,binary and hexadecimal number equivalents, so you can also use it as a conversion chart: