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In contrast to the inadvertent constriction of genetic diversity that might occur during the horticultural introduction and trade of a plant species, the field of conservation genetics might recommend much broader and more intentional sampling from across the native range to preserve genetic diversity and account for potential ecotypic differences among populations (Hufford and Mazer 2003; Weeks et al.

You stepped on a zebra mussel one of thousands of invasive species around the world.

However, as paleoecological and paleontological studies have clearly demonstrated, this stasis and apparent equilibrium among the native, non-invasive flora are illusory once broader timescales are considered (Davis 1983; Jackson et al.

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Invasive species are a real problem, a problem worth fixing,and a problem that can be remedied.

A much larger portion, particularly for varieties occupying inland sites, should require either introduction of better suited species or conversion to better adapted genotypes.

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cold-adapted large mammal species such as polar bears), and therefore selection of appropriate candidate species is also important.
"Central to the arguments against assisted migration are concerns related to the ability of a translocated species to become invasive. Past research has attempted to identify which characteristics predispose a species towards invasiveness, but determining potential unintended ecological consequences remains challenging (Kolar and Lodge 2001; Ricciardi and Simberloff 2009).

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True, there have been ecological changes, and we spend a lot of money trying to get rid of aliens, but Britain appears virtually immune to extinctions from introduced species.

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Typically species in need of assisted migration tend to be characterised by low dispersal ability and slow population growth rates, traits not commonly associated with invasive species.

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This has motivated development of biotic velocity, a metric which uses data on projected species range shifts to estimate the velocity at which species must move to track their climatic niche.
We calculated climatic and biotic velocity for the Western Hemisphere for 1961 - 2100, and applied the results to example ecological and conservation planning questions, to demonstrate the potential of such analog-based metrics to provide information on broad-scale patterns of exposure and sensitivity.

Invasive species intro Delaware Science Olympiad

It is estimated that less than 1% of species become invasive when imported to a new range (Williamson and Fitter, 1996), and only a small percentage of those (7.5% of invasives in the US) are a result of -continental introductions (Mueller and Hellmann, 2008). Most discussions of assisted migration in the context of climate change involve moving species relatively short distances poleward or higher in elevation within a continent, and many focus on species with limited dispersal ability which are less likely to become weedy (Rejmanek and Richardson, 1996).