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After the performing the different data analysis stages next measurement model analysis technique used to verify the construct validity and reliability. In next stage structural model evaluation performed by using the path coefficient and R2 value was used. For strength of variable relationship coefficient magnets, the independent and dependent variables. Although measurement of R2 reflects the strength of dependent variables in the research model which also help to assess the significance and estimation model path. The results of analysis illustrated in . Beta coefficient value as path coefficient. The results of test presented in and . The relationship of intrinsic rewards with job motivation β = 0.043, p = 0.585 which showed that intrinsic rewards insignificant link with job motivation. At mean, while extrinsic rewards β = 0.276 and p

This is motivation from within. A desire to perform well and succeed. The following will be true:

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For keeping positive staff attitude to their work, need to be high level of employee moreover loyalty and greater commitments towards their companies. Proved that employees show a low level of tendency to search a job and tendency to employee turnover in those organizations where employees have a high level of . On the other side workers who fail to meet their needs, so generally attracted by competitors due to job dissatisfaction. Most research proved that evidence, which showed the linking and relationship between service quality, loyalty, financial performance and customer satisfaction, . Few studies just have to investigate from with the degree of subjective perspective. In most studies on the stimulation of the distinction at the emergence of the new era, Miner originated that motivation remains to be a substantial position in the eyes of the researchers. Motivation is very well demonstrated by the devotion, determination and persistence, the capability to estimate these issues, those consider as trigger channel and help the overtime working behavior . Mostly studies conducted on the factors which influence motivation at work, it has been examined that difference can be captured with the support of some measure like self-reported personality, affection, values and interests. It’s confirmed the positive relationship between and rewards and benefits, for example promotion, salary, fringe benefits and chance to learn new knowledge, skills and these kinds of benefits are well established among the employees in developed economies. Clark and Artz and also pervious socialist economies-. According to Linz and Semykina recommend about pervious socialist economies employees, suggested the relationship is strong when the benefits and rewards particularly desired. Rose claimed the five keys points which affect the , are job term and conditions, working hours, financial rewards, job conditions and job orientation for every individual worker. Deci and Ryan in this study also stated that some time financial motivation can cause of decrease intrinsic level of motivation and debated that monetary is controlled contingently, its decrease the level of intrinsic motivation. With base of above research background knowledge, the main purpose of this study hence, focusing and adding theories and literature from organization study, refine, extend and test relationship between rewards, job motivation and of expatriates in China. As far as the significance of this study concern, this study pursues to theoretical extend and refined as well with the support of empirically testing and endorsement.

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Intrinsic motivation systems can be conceptualized as one among many interacting mechanisms that help organisms (natural or artificial) to explore and learn efficiently in very large sensorimotor spaces. Such other mechanisms include social guidance (e.g. imitation learning), cognitive abstraction (e.g. unsupervised perceptual learning that creates internal concepts or goals out of raw sensorimotor values), embodiment and maturation (i.e. evolution of morphological properties of the body). The following article discusses the importance of integrating these mechanisms within an entire cognitive system:

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The study results obtained from this study analysis have some implications for those organizations managers recruit expatriates in their organization while operating in China. Generally, job motivation is directly linked with rewards system, hence, it’s important for managers to aware what aspects of rewards are more influence on expatriates for their better job performance. The results of this study showed that expatriate while working and living in China prefer to be motivated by both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards with the condition of work duration, expatriates with beginning of their professional career they more focused on extrinsic rewards. Expatriates with experience want a long term relation with their organization preferred to be satisfied with intrinsic rewards. Moreover, prospect of progress and flexibility and independence to act are perceived as strong motivators in intrinsic rewards, for s responsibility in your job and sense of accomplishment are more influenced. Finally, motivation conditions can be convinced by keeping the balance between intrinsic rewards. As far as future directions of this study concern it would be worthwhile to investigate reasons behind expatriate’s turnover, its leads to increase expatriates tenure while working in China as highly motivated and satisfied employees. According to the current scenario Chinese government focus to rival of silk road "One belt one road" initiative, Chinese firms expanding and starting new projects in other countries. This study will be also very effective for both host countries firms and guest firm to understand their employee’s behavior towards rewards.