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For example, what the young may think of asprudent planning for the future may be dismissed by the old as livingfor the present; the generations simply scale their lives differently.

Imagine, for example, a large comprehensive textbook on thehistory of the United States.

First, you could fill that "book" with a fargreater number of materials than you could fit between two coversof a printed book (a CD-ROM compact disk, for example, can holdthe equivalent of 300,000 pages of printed material).

The Interaction hypothesis is a theory of second ..

There are two forms of the Interaction Hypothesis: the "strong" form and the "weak" form.

Vygotsky (1986) used the dialectical notion of synthesis toanalyze a central psychological tool -- verbal thought. He examinedthe way that thought and speech, which initially have separateplanes or levels of development in children in a "prelinguisticperiod in thought and a preintellectual period of speech,"become inextricably intertwined (p. 210). Throughout his workVygotsky uses the dialectical method to analyze, explain, anddescribe interrelationships fundamental to human development whereothers posited dichotomies -- for example, mind and matter, languageand thought, external and inner speech, nature and culture, andsocial and individual processes in the construction of knowledge.

but is usually credited to Michael Long for his 1996 paper ..

Interaction Hypothesis
The Interaction hypothesis is a theory of second-language acquisition which states that the development of language proficiency is promoted by face-to-face interaction and communication.

Interaction and Second Language Acquisition by Michael H

“But where there is a debate in linguistics is between stronger and weaker versions of that hypothesis.” Those who believe in linguistic determinism, the strictest version, might argue that a culture that lacks a term for a certain emotion—a particular shade of joy or flavor of love—cannot recognize or experience it at all.

Stephen Krashen and Michael Long by on Prezi

Long is also usually credited for introducing the Interaction Hypothesis, a theory of second language acquisition which places importance on face-to-face interaction.

Similarly to Krashen's input hypothesis, the interaction hypothesis claims that comprehensible input is important for language learning.

Michael Long, when he wrote a ..

Vygotsky argued that psychological systems that unite separatefunctions into new combinations and complexes arise in the processof development. An example of this unification is the linkingof spoken and written language into a new and broader semioticsystem. When it was discovered that it was "possible to representthe sounds of language using marks in clay just as it is possibleto represent objects" (Cole, 1990, p. 95), a qualitativetransformation in the development of humanity occurred. The unificationof separate functions represented in literacy also provides insightsinto the relationships between individual and social processes.