Practical tips for voice rehabilitation after pharyngolaryngectomy.

There are two categories used when describing voice prostheses (VP). One category is defined as a non-indwelling style and/or patient changeable voice prostheses. These non-indwelling style voice prostheses are designed for patients and their caregivers to independently manage and replace their voice prosthesis when needed. The other category is called an indwelling style voice prosthesis. This is a voice prosthesis that is only approved to be changed by a healthcare practitioner such as a speech pathologist, physician, physician’s assistant and/or nurse.

Objective and subjective voice outcomes after total laryngectomy: a systematic review.
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Prospective clinical phase II study of two new indwelling voice prostheses (Provox Vega 22.5 and 20 Fr) and a novel anterograde insertion device (Provox Smart Inserter).

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Sealing of small postlaryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistulas with voice prosthesis.
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I had laryngectomee surgery 4/7/05 preceded by radiation for laryngeal cancer in 2001, which was after lung cancer/lobectomy in 1997. I voice with TEP, both manual and hands free.