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I make this point not because of any profound implications inherent in it, butrather as a way to simplify the learning of synthetic pathways of thenonessential amino acids.Aspartate is transaminated to asparagine in an ATP-dependent reactioncatalyzed by asparagine synthetase, and glutamine is the amino group donor: The synthesis of glutamine is a two-step one in which glutamate is first"activated" to a glutamylphosphateintermediate, followed by a reaction in which NH3 displaces thephosphate group: So, the synthesis of asparagine is intrinsically tied to that of glutamine,and it turns out that glutamine is the amino group donor in the formation ofnumerous biosynthetic products, as well as being a storage form of NH3.

Indole synthesis - Organic chemistry
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The biosynthesis of lysine, methionine and threonine are not, then,controlled as a group.The pathway from aspartate to lysine has 10 steps.The pathway from aspartate to threonine has 5 stepsThe pathway from aspartate to methionine has 7 stepsRegulation of the three pathways also occurs at the two branch points: -Aspartate-semialdehyde (homoserine and lysine) Homoserine (threonineand methionine)The regulation results from feedback inhibition by the amino acid products ofthe branches, indicated in the brackets above. We will consider one important step in the synthesis of this group of 3 aminoacids, namely the step in which homocysteine is converted to methionine,catalyzed by the enzyme : In this reaction, homocysteine is methylated to methionine, and the C1donor is N5-methyl-THF.

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The inhibition of DNA and RNA synthesis by trichothecenes required higher concentrations of toxins than the inhibition of protein synthesis and the extent of the inhibition was much less.