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Proprietary microscopic ALUMINUM nano-particle rods called "ADJUVANTS" are put into vaccines, such as the Gardasil HPV vaccine, to FORCE the immune system to make antibodies to the small amounts of Virus-Like-Particles (VLPs) put into the vaccine (antigen). The GARDASIL HPV vaccine contains pieces (VLPs) of many different Sexually Transmitted Diseases taken from different people that are grown in a fungus, and can cause anaphylactic shock to a person who is allergic to mold. The immune system is hyper-sensitized over 100 times by the ALUMINUM adjuvant, but can also make antibodies to virtually EVERY VIRUS IN YOUR BODY, but also includes the Borrelia Spirochete that causes LYME DISEASE. The ALUMINUM ADJUVANT in the GARDASIL HPV vaccine causes your immune system to reach But the bad news doesn't stop there. Since the HPV16-L1 Protein is a 29.6% ALIGNMENT (genetic match) to Hair Keratin (hair keratin is also used by the body to make hard tooth enamel), many girls and boys are reporting hair loss and increased cavities for many months after receiving the GARDASIL HPV vaccine.

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In younger children, the medical profession terms this vaccination induced degeneration "autism." If death occurs after a reactive vaccination, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS is identified as the cause of death, not the decreased ability to synthesize adrenaline due to vaccination.

point of weight lifting is to increase protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis occurs constantly in the human body as muscle tissue breaks down and ..
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The majority of legal steroids function by improving healthy proteins synthesis, raising the creation of testosterone, and rising the output of RBCs ( to increase the method of getting oxygen ) for raised energy creation. The majority of are not categorized by the FDA or DEA mainly because controlled or illegal ingredients presently

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See, the key to building muscle is triggering protein synthesis, the process in which your body uses amino acids to build tissue. If you want more muscle growth, then protein synthesis has to be elevated to a higher degree and has to stay elevated longer.

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New research discoveries show that there are several natural ways to significantly increase the synthesis of protein without steroids.

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After a workout, protein synthesis remains elevated in the trained muscles for around 24 hours – slightly more or less depending on the workout. By training each muscle only once a week, you aren't keeping protein synthesis elevated for long in each muscle. Not only that, if you're training each muscle only once a week, you might actually lose the positive adaptation (muscle growth) by not stimulating it soon enough.

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A natural lifter needs the training sessions since they're the only significant protein synthesis trigger he has. Eating also increases protein synthesis, but in a systemic pattern and to a much lesser degree. So the natural lifter is far more dependent on each workout to stimulate growth.

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On the other hand, enhanced lifters are artificially increasing protein synthesis with drugs. The steroids keep protein synthesis elevated around the clock. Their workouts of course increase protein synthesis to an even higher degree, but hitting each muscle more often isn't needed because the overall rate of synthesis will stay elevated all the time.