Porous composite prosthetic pylon for integration with skin and bone.

Proprietary Name: INBONE® Total Ankle SystemCommon Name: Ankle ProsthesisClassification Name and Reference: 21 CFR 888.3110-Class 11Device Product Code, Device Panel: HSN: Ankle Prosthesis[a)(3).

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Since its inception in 2005, the INBONE® Total Ankle System has continued to be the most distinctive and innovative total ankle replacement system on the market. By offering the first total ankle system that provides intramedullary instrumentation (utilizing the vertical axis of a patient's shinbone) for accurate component positioning and the first ankle prosthesis with a modular components for patient specific needs, Wright Medical continues to redefine innovation in ankle arthroplasty.

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The INBONE® Total Ankle System is a modular prosthesis installed via the first and only intramedullary alignment - PROPHECY® INBONE®. This is a major advancement for precise, reproducible installation.