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The Zimmer Trabecular Metal Total Ankle replacement system has been developed to give your surgeon an option for restoring natural movement to the ankle joint. Unlike other ankle replacement surgeries which use an incision on the front of the ankle, this procedure uses an incision on the side of the ankle, which is why it is called a lateral (side) approach. In this approach, the lower portion of the fibula is surgically moved to the side to perform the procedure and is later repositioned with a metal plate.

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In the past couple of years, there have been some new implants designs that have cleared the FDA process. These new implants have significant advantages over the previous devices, including ease of placement and refined instrumentation for accuracy of placement. All of the current US total ankle replacement designs - Trabecular MetalTM Total Ankle (Zimmer), InboneTM (Wright Medical), Salto TalarisTM (Tornier), and S.T.A.R.TM Total Ankle (SBi) are available through .

InBone Total Ankle System Replacement System

Since its inception in 2005, the INBONE® Total Ankle System has continued to be the most distinctive and innovative total ankle replacement system on the market. By offering the first total ankle system that provides intramedullary instrumentation (utilizing the vertical axis of a patient's shinbone) for accurate component positioning and the first ankle prosthesis with a modular components for patient specific needs, Wright Medical continues to redefine innovation in ankle arthroplasty.

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In our retrospective study, only the lateral talar component angle and the mean difference between the pre- and post-operative tibial slope had significant correlation with post-surgical outcome in INBONE ankle arthroplasty. These measurements may be helpful in radiographic assessment of the INBONE ankle arthroplasty.

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The innovative Salto Talaris now provides surgeons with the ability to reproduce the natural flexion/extension axis of the ankle with an anatomic design. The Salto Talaris implant design and instrumentation is founded on the Salto mobile-bearing ankle prosthesis, which has been in clinical use since 1997 with a 93% survivorship at 6.4 year mean follow up2,3 and an 85% survivorship at 8.9 year mean follow up4. The Salto Talaris provides accuracy and reproducibility with the Precision Instrumentation that has evolved to allow a fixed-bearing implant design and represents the philosophy "Less is Sometimes More".

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Ankle replacement surgery is a complex, relatively new procedure that should be performed by an experienced surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

Your Ankle Arthritis with the INBONE ® Total Ankle

The Integra Cadence Total Ankle System is designed to treat ankle arthritis through replacement of the ankle joint with a prosthesis, thereby reducing pain, restoring alignment, and allowing for movement at the replaced joint.

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Replacement of an ankle joint damaged by arthritis with a prosthesis made of plastic and metal. The benefits include freedom from pain, greater range of movement, and a natural walking gait. This procedure is one of the only alternatives to ankle fusion, which relieves pain, but limits the joint’s up and down movement.