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LEXICAL ANALYSIS OF MESSAGES a parenthesis that is to be part of a comment and a backslash that is to be part of either must each be preceded by 3.4.7.
Discussion of themes and motifs in David Jones' In Parenthesis.

Last part of PROC REPORT.Discussion of themes and motifs in David Jones In Parenthesis.

None of these critics puts any special emphasis on 'simultaneity', a term familiar to us in relativity theory. I am convinced, however, that the means to understanding the structure of In Parenthesis are in the literary usages of relativity, and that these usages may be employed to demonstrate coherence in Jones' poem. Simultaneity is primary. There is a special temporal aspect to In Parenthesis. Indeed, the title itself marks off the context of the poem in the time and space of the poet's experience, which is to say that the juxtaposition of disparate events: the Battle of Catraeth in the sixth century with the Battle of the Somme in the twentieth century, is legitimized by the commonality of the military experience, and more explicitly by the commonality of the futility of sacrifice and the suffering in combat.

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