How tight a schedule Osho was enjuring when he was speaking is shown by Jyoti, who went along with him to many of his outdoor arrangements: “Lately, lots of people from the film industry are getting interested in Osho. Kalyanji, Mahipal, Vijayanand, Mahesh Batt, Manoi and Indivar are the main ones. Kalyanji is the tops as a music director. Indivar is composing songs for films. He wants to compose Osho’s teachings in his songs. Manoj is a famous film director and actor. Today, Manoj has invited Osho to his residence in the suburbs of Bombay. After evening discourse at Cross Maidan, Osho is straight away taken in a car to Manoj’s house…I look at my watch, it is quarter to twelve. In fifteen minutes it will be midnight. I feel concerned about Osho. He has already spoken two hours at Cross Maidan. It is almost three hours now He is speaking here. Tomorrow morning, at 8:00am, there is another meeting at Birla Kedra Kendra near Chowpatty. I am engrossed in all these thoughts and wake up only when the meeting is over after five minutes.” (Jyoti 1994 #68)

3 Letter to Anastasius, quoted by E. D. Walker, in Reincarnation : A Study of Forgotten Truth.

much exalt our temporary " coat of skin ". It is as though a man should regard his coat as himself, himself as a mere appendage of his clothes. As our clothes exist for us and not we for them, and they are only things rendered necessary by climate, comfort and custom, so our bodies are only necessary to us because of the conditions that surround us, and are for our service, not for our subjugation. Some Indians will never speak of bodily wants as theirs: they say, " My body is hungry," " My body is tired," not " I am hungry," or " I am tired." And though in our ears the phrase may sound fantastic, it is truer to facts than our self-identification with our body. If we were in the habit of identifying ourselves in thought, not with the habitation we live in but with the Human Self, that dwells therein, life would become a greater and a serener thing. We should brush off troubles as we brush the dust from our garments, and we should realise that the measure of all things happening to us is not the pain or pleasure they bring to our bodies, but the progress or retardation they bring to the Man within us; and since all things are matters of experience and lessons may be learned from each, we should take the sting out of griefs

What can be done to lower development costs and drug prices?

or in the noble morality which finds its home under the shadow of the Buddha and His Good Law.

5. We have whole books of the bible from the beginning of the third century but only a few verses that ended up in John from before that (125-160 AD). Why is that? We do not know who wrote the gospels or when they were written. We do not know their source material and it is probable that none of the authors had ever met Jesus, any of the disciples or any eyewitnesses. As christians were not persecuted in Paul’s time, we can say that he lied about being Saul, having a vision, etc.

1A MASTER in The Occult World, p. 90.

1 I am not forgetting " reversion " nor the question of how these discordant types enter a family if the Egos are drawn, as said, to suitable surroundings, but these points will be dealt with under " objections "

experience now enables him to manifest on the physical plane.

Even a statement about keeping science and philosophy separate requires philosophy. And the statement itself presumes that philosophy gets to say something about science.

The art of creation, like every other art, has to be learned;

4. “The history of science is the story of one religious superstition after another being eradicated by reason and logic.”

Slowly, slowly, through many years, thou buildest up thy body,

If you study the history of science, you’ll find out that it got started in Greece and didn’t go anywhere. It got started in Rome and it fizzled out and didn’t go anywhere. It got started in ancient Egypt and in China – didn’t really go anywhere there either. It got started in Islam, and every time in those places, it stalled.

But the power to build up the body includes all powers.

Here’s why I think it happened. In the Apocrypha, the part of the Bible that the Catholics read and the Protestants don’t, Wisdom of Solomon 11:21 says: