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Language-based learning disabilities (LBLD) encompass a spectrum of cognitive and behavioral differences in processing, comprehending, and using language. Students with LBLD commonly experience difficulties with listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, math, organization, attention, memory, social skills, perseverance, and self-regulation. However, a teaching style that is specialized and structured enables students with LBLD to succeed. Learn the essential facts about how to foster the strengths of students with LBLD in this article.

A dramatic example of this fact comes from our practice at the ConsultingCenter.

space constant ABBREV: Λ (Greek lambda) RELATED: timeconstant, cable theory ♦ Parameters may decline exponentially withdistance, as well as with time. For example, if you give a weakstimulusto a long thin cell electrically at one place, then the resultingchangeof voltage across the membrane falls off exponentially as you gofurtheraway (in either direction). The space constant is the normal way tomeasure the degree of spread: the distance for the change to fall to36.8%, exactly equivalent in other respects to a time constant.

Intermediate disturbance hypothesis - Wikipedia

Schneider-Helmert D. Overestimations of hypnotic drug effects by insomniacs - a hypothesis. Psychopharmacology 1985; 87: 107-10.

frequency response RELATED: transient response ♦ The rangeof frequencies to which an instrument will respond. All instrumentshavean upper limit to their frequency response. For example, pens canfollowsignals up to ca. 100Hz, while oscilloscopes may follow up to 1MHz ormore. The lower limit is 0Hz in a 'DC-coupled' instrument or a higherfrequency in an 'AC-coupled' instrument. Physiological systems may alsohave a frequency response: e.g. the response of the human auditorysystem is ca. 30Hz-20kHz. Since the response of any system falls offgradually with frequency, in instrument assessment the frequency for a'3dB cut' is usually specified (i.e. when the energy in the signalfallsto 50%, or the amplitude to 71% of normal).

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The fact that people do organize for collective purposes is oftentaken to imply the normative goodness of what they seek. If theby-product theory is correct, however, this conclusion is called intoquestion. For example, we might join a union merely to obtain insuranceat the inexpensive group rate even though we vote against all itsstrike proposals, would never join a picket line, and might even behostile to the idea of unions. Or we might go to a politicaldemonstration for varied reasons other than agreement with theostensible object of the demonstration; for example pro-war proponentsmight join in a peace march on a glorious day to hear performances byoutstanding singers in a large public park—something they mighthappily have paid to do.

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The hypothesis presented and supported here is that ambidexterity whichis frequently viewed as a positive attribute, is in fact either (1) theresult of the converting of a left-hander (a functional brain damage);or (2) the result of perinatal cerebral damage in the dominant cerebralhemisphere.