Clay Mathematics Institute. "The Riemann Hypothesis." .

Quantitative research on the other hand is more of a systematic approach with measurable numerical quantities that go through analysis to prove a hypothesis.

Hypotheses are mostly used in experimental exercises and are used in making comparison of groups.

It is also known that the nontrivial zeros are symmetrically placed about the , a result which follows from the functional equation and the symmetry about the line . For if is a nontrivial zero, then is also a zero (by the functional equation), and then is another zero. But and are symmetrically placed about the line , since , and if , then . The Riemann hypothesis is equivalent to , where is the (Csordas 1994). It is also equivalent to the assertion that for some constant ,

There are two mainly different ways of research.

Hypotheses are basically formulated in two forms; null and directional hypothesis.

Alternative hypothesis is categorized into two; directional hypothesis which predicts on an expected outcome and non-directional hypotheses which make predictions without specifying differences and relationships due to lack of past information that can be used to predict the differences.

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According to Fields medalist Enrico Bombieri, "The failure of the Riemann hypothesis would create havoc in the distribution of prime numbers" (Havil 2003, p. 205).

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A hypothesis, in mathematics is just another word for conjecture, and conjectures are based on heuristic arguments, calculations, similar results etc. They are almost never simply guesses. In spite of induction and computer science tags, an induction hypothesis is different (a little). You try a few cases (typically refereed to as base cases) and than assume that a statement holds for some arbitrary integer, say $k$ -- this is the induction hypothesis, which you then use to prove that $k + 1$ case is also true. However, if you strongly believe in something (or you are given a homework problem) you usually consider one or two base cases.

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In the Season 1 episode "" (2005) of the television crime drama , math genius Charlie Eppes realizes that character Ethan's daughter has been kidnapped because he is close to solving the Riemann hypothesis, which allegedly would allow the perpetrators to break essentially all internet security.

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André Weil proved the Riemann hypothesis to be true for field functions (Weil 1948, Eichler 1966, Ball and Coxeter 1987). In 1974, Levinson (1974ab) showed that at least 1/3 of the must lie on the (Le Lionnais 1983), a result which has since been sharpened to 40% (Vardi 1991, p. 142). It is known that the zeros are symmetrically placed about the line . This follows from the fact that, for all complex numbers ,

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And while we're about giants, Newton declared "I'm not creating hypotheses". He was again referring to the logical meaning, but sideways, since his point was that he wasn't proposing any logical argument at all that would have his law of gravity as a consequence, and therefore he did not, in particular, need any hypothesis to reason from in such an argument.