Simple Explanation for the Pause in Global Warming

We speak with climate scientist Michael Mann about his research in global warming, climate change denial, and his new book, The Madhouse Effect. Professor Mann is also the author of Dire Predictions (2nd edition), an accessible rendition of the scientific basis for climate change volume of the IPCC report, and The Hockey Stick and the …

AGW-H0 Global Warming, if it exists, is caused by something other than Man.

v) The scale of natural variation. The recent La Nina episode combined with a quiet sun has almost wiped out the warming observed over the past 20 years in a period of less than 2 years. Admittedly we may bounce back but at this moment it is not looking likely. For myself I would like to see a cessation of the current cooling because cooling is so much more dangerous than warming. Various predictions have been made by AGW supporters that we will bounce back to warming in 2010, 2015 or 2020. The Hadley Centre predicted 2010 not long ago and I wonder if they would now like to adjust that suggestion given that they have less than 18 months to go.

“97% of all scientists believe in Global Warming.”

The earth's temperature is the result of sunlight penetrating the earth's atmosphere and warming the planet.

So, for this blog post, I’m going to explain why the approach to justifying Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is exactly the same argumentative style as Intelligent Design (ID), and why they’re both wrong.

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My article on “Greenhouse Confusion” drew vigorous comments from those who believe firmly that anthropogenic global warming (or rather climate change) is a real and immediate threat.

Is extreme weather caused by global warming ..

Any connection between lunar cycles and El Nino sequencing would not be likely to have major, larger implications for AGW, which principally concerns energy accumulation. It is possible that El Nino frequency will change as the globe warms, but lunar cycles would suggest that is less of a variable to think about.

Evolutionary Theory and the Global Warming Hypothesis…

No, I was just pointing out that the physical system is showing signs of warming even if you refuse to believe the observational thermometer-based data and analysis, which many AGW critics reject (often claiming scientists are untrustworthy.) If you aren’t inclined to that argument the comment isn’t relevant.

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“Atmospheric temperature, ground air temperature, and the like are also key factors in those calculations, so the question would therefore become – if the ocean temperature is rising so quickly, why is the average global temperature not rising quite as quickly?”

Global Warming Will Bring New Fungal Diseases for Mammals

“But it appears that the extrapolation from laboratory data to climate scale omits the necessary elements of turbulence that defines chaotic systems such as planetary climate”