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[If you do, explain your format to the reader]Each person at the session was asked to write down what (and how much) theyhad written since September.

This will help you to get a feel of how others understand your work andwriting.

I had wondered if you could ask people to write an abstract before the seminar,circulating them beforehand, and everyone could prepare some comments fordiscussion at the seminar.

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(Or am I making the wrong assumptions about Psychology degrees?)In terms of participation:

There is no pointhoping that the examiners will not notice: many examiners feel obliged to find some examplesof improvements (if not outright errors) just to show how thoroughly they have read it.

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students Volunteer yourself to be a reader, this will give you an idea of how otherswrite and it won't make you feel bad when you ask them to read your work!

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However, while building astructure at an early stage might be a valuable exercise, a disadvantage oflaying out the structure too early is that the research itself may show upunexpected findings.

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It is possible to write thesis chapters a year or two in advance, but be awareof the amount of modification that may be required to reflect a changedposition.

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It might notbe immediately obvious whether they are good or bad, but this may not matter inrespect of learning to write your own - you can learn from a bad thesis as wellas a good one.

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(Steve's rule of thumb - estimate the time YOU think it will take thendouble it!) Know how you work: plan your work to take advantage of when you work best,whether first thing in the morning or late at night (you may have found thisout from your undergraduate days).

SPOILER: college is crazy-expensive

Steve's personal ideal (not achieved) is to write such that I'minteresting enough to hold the attention of other researchers, but clear andsimple enough that undergraduates can understand it]