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If all of this seems complicated, there is a simpler way to produce a quick bibliography for your document. This can be used for smaller papers, ones that don't need a very extensive bibliography. Something like this will work fine:

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The format of an annotated bibliography can vary, so if you're doing one for a class, it's important to ask for specific guidelines.

The length of each annotation varies, but generally, most are between 100-300 words in length. Several factors determine the length of each entry when you are writing an annotated bibliography. First, the annotation style dictates how much information is included. If you are writing a simple summary, the annotation is much shorter than if you are using an in-depth analysis. Ask your instructor on the specific length required for each source if you are not sure.

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Writing an annotated bibliography is focused on explaining the content of your sources, assessing them and sharing the information with readers who might be less knowledgeable on the topic. A well-written annotated bibliography accomplishes several things:

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An instructor may ask you to create an annotated bibliography as part of the research process before you have even written your first draft; however, writing an annotated bibliography may also be a component of your completed research project. This type of bibliography goes beyond simply giving citation information and provides very specific information about sources you either consulted to write your paper or intend to consult (when it is an assignment due as part of the research process).

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