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What Paul actually says in these verses though is that men will try to seek God, "if perhaps they might feel after Him." The subordinate clause that is used in that particular verse expresses an unlikely contingency; it's not likely that they are going to seek after God. Indeed Paul tells us in Rom 3 that "there is none that seek God; they have all turned aside and become unprofitable." But even if they should seek after God, Paul says that what they do is "grope" or feel after Him. The Greek word that is used is the same word used by Homer for the groping around of the blinded cyclops. Plato used that word for what he called amateur guesses at the truth. Paul says, even if men might seek after God, their groping in darkness, their amateur guesses, give no authority to what they are doing. And so far from showing what Lightfoot thought was a clear appreciation of the elements of truth contained in their philosophy, at Athens Paul taught that the eyes of the unbeliever are blinded to the light of God's revelation. As he says in Rom 1, unbelievers have a knowledge of God, but it's one that they suppress, thereby meriting God's condemnation. Commenting on this, the earlier Berkouwer, writes: "The antithesis looms larger in every encounter with heathendom. It is directed, however, against the maligning that heathendom does to the revealed truth of God in nature, and it calls for conversion to the revelation of God in Christ."

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The entire Biblical message of redemption and the historical establishing of God's kingdom both presuppose "the antithesis," then, between the people of God and the culture of unbelief, between the regenerate and the unregenerate. Therefore, throughout history Satan has tempted God's people to compromise "the antithesis" -- whether by intermingling in ungodly marriages (Gen. 5:2), or by showing unwarranted tolerance toward the enemies of God (Joshua 23:11-13; Judges 1:21,27-36; Ps 106:34-35), or by departing from the authority of God's word so that "every man does what is right in his own eyes," (Judges 21:25), by committing spiritual adultery with other gods (e.g. Ps. 106:36,39; Hosea 2:2-13, 4:12; Exek. 16:15-25), by trusting in some power other than God (e.g. Kings 18:21; Chron. 16: 7-9; Isa 30:7, 31:1; Ezek 16:26-29), or by repudiating the Messiah along with the world (John 1:10-11), or by bowing the knee both to Christ and to Caesar (cf. Acts 17:7; Rev 13:8,11-17).

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is to understand how people make decisions and how they can make the decision-making process more effective and efficient.

… How will he reconcile competition with what is proposed here?”Rather than pursuing a cost-of-service approach, he said, the commission could adopt a more market-based approach that boosted prices for all capacity resources, including natural gas.

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But he has no power to make FERC provide the relief he is seeking, legal experts said Monday.As a result, the outcome of the baseload battle will come down to the commission’s five members and how much they are willing to assert their independence from the Trump administration’s pro-coal agenda.

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This was Warhol’s way of satirising our consumer society, attacking it through its most universally respected myths: consumer products which on canvas were seen to be full of nothing, famous faces frozen in magazine-picture attitudes which transformed them too into more consumer products. The painter himself did not escape. His studio, which he ironically christened “The Factory”, became the conscious antithesis of everything American society stood for: haunted by louche admirers and hangers-on, Warhol himself, with his dyed hair and heavy make-up, became a work of art.

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What's next? Well, after Albino Luciani/John Paul I gets himself approved for "beatification," the only thing to do after this is to await the death of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI so that his own "cause" for "canonization" could be introduced by his own successor. That way, you see, each of the five conciliar "popes" would carry with them a "seal of sanctity" with which conciliar apologists could bludgeon critics by saying irrationally, "These men were saints, not heretics and blasphemers as you keep insisting." That's why this is being done. Make no mistake about this whatsoever.

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Macquarrie, who I think is representative of the modern mentality, is unwilling to countenance the radical antithesis (the God-imposed enmity) between belief grounded in God's holy Word and unbelief. At best he sees the theological situation as a "dialogue among free men" who, adrift together in religious relativism and uncertainty, must make an adventuresome "leap" of faith since there is no "final truth" regarding religion for us or finite creatures whose thinking is dependent upon our local situation. Of course, as Macquarrie recognizes, God himself might provide "absolute answers" which would lift us above our human limitations. And Macquarrie is well aware that, "some theologians talk of a divine revelation to which they have access," but then he promptly dismisses that "dogmatic and arrogant" perspective (due to difficulties connected with interpreting the revelation).