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Dbq help with dbq essays How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?

The Jacksonians and President Jackson proved to be a very unsteady opinionated body on the topic of individual liberty throughout the Jacksonian Era.

Burke Davis, Old Hickory: A Life of Andrew Jackson.

They advocated all of the issues that President Jackson did, and did so with great vigor....

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However sometimes the Judiciary and Executive branches agree such as the incident when South Carolina declared a reduced tariff void and threatened to secede, President Jackson responded in an unconstitutional manner.

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Another action in which Jackson and the Jacksonian Democrats violated the Constitution was when they put censors on the mails and intercepted abolitionist literature or mail into or from the south.

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Jackson said he was defending the farmers, mechanics, and laborers against the politically powerful, who had access to government and wanted special undemocratic advantages from it.

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The picture of the Trail of Tears, where Indian tribes were forced to move to reservations, serves as an example of the Jacksonians and President Jackson being guardians of economic opportunity.