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Management techniques for today's specialized athletic fields. The horticultural and budgetary aspects of football, soccer, baseball, and softball fields will be presented. Field trips and laboratory exercises will develop a practical understanding of actual principles in field development, construction, and management.

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Planning, developing, and implementing science-based educational programs in a garden setting. Through hands-on experiences students will learn about horticulture, learning theory, and the application of science principles as they pertain to educating youth. Assessed service-learning component.

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PCC’s Horticultural Therapy Program is an , through Legacy Health until June 2019, when PCC will renew the accreditation.

Being as a consultant and an executor of Hi-Tech Horticulture farm our role starts from preparation the project report, execution of the farm, plantation, monitoring and final marketing. We do all Hi-Tech Horticulture related work under one Roof. Guide the farmers to get all required support and help for availing subsides by doing all the procedural work (A to Z) from National Horticulture Board / other Central agencies.

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Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry has earned a unique distinction not only in the country but also in whole of Asia to impart teaching, research and extension education in horticulture, forestry and allied disciplines with Himalayan perspective. Its milestones in teaching, research and extension education have strengthened the path of sustainable development of horticulture and forestry in Himachal Pradesh and have further presented a model of prosperity for eco-conscious development before Indian Himalayan states & entire region of Hindu Kush Himalayas.

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Core background and specialty topics in agricultural, and horticultural pesticide applicator certification. Students can select certification categories and have the opportunity to obtain pesticide applicator certification at the completion of the course. Commercial pesticide applicator certification is emphasized.

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"Management and Sustainability of horticulture & forest resources are the basis of our future economic prosperity.
It is now simply a question how judicious use we make of them"- Dr. Y.S. Parmar, First Chief Minister of HP

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Greenhouse Horticulture is a unique agro-system and is an important economic sector in The Netherlands. It is the only production method that can sigificantly control abiotic and biotic factors.