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THESIS STATEMENT Honor killing ought to be eliminated all over the world because it is socially delinquent, severely immoral and religiously unacceptable.

Honors thesis: “Silent Economics: The Cooperative Effects of Hypnotic Meditation”

'Honor is love,' I heard my mother say." (Marquez 97)

- Introducing the idea of spectators vs actors among the townspeople
- Honor, while it usually has a positive connotation, serves as a barrier and an excuse for the bystanders
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Appiah, Kwame Anthony. 2010. The honor code: How moral revolutions happen. New York: Norton.

Honors thesis: “Emotional and Cognitive Content of Autobiographical Memories of Trauma in Women with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An fMRI and Narrative Analysis Study”

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An influential, erudite, yet concise overview of the meanings of the concept of honor among the Bedouin and in Western societies since the Renaissance. Argues that honor is a right to be respected as an equal as long as the holder obeys the rules of the honor code.

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" (Marquez 108)
- No inner conflict between vengeance vs morality for Pedro
- He knows he may not come out alive, but has to face his destiny
-Protecting the familial honor is their fate
"The lawyer stood by the thesis of homicide in legitimate defense of honor, which was upheld by the court in good faith"
(Marquez 48)
- The Vicarios even swayed Justice on the side of their warped sense of honor
- Quote from Colombian Honor Code: "The honor will be my first military virtue and my inspiration source.

IT honours thesis projects; IT honours thesis projects

I will observe discipline in all places and all circumstances."
- Difference between non-honor cultures (focused on suitable punishment) and honor-cultures (honor is inescapable, everywhere, and vengeance is key)
Clotilde thought he looked like "a killer from the movies"
This behavior is viewed as rough and aggressive
These actions of pure manliness help create the persona of cold heart-ed killers that would do anything to reclaim their sisters honor
This act of aggression and brutality was required by their culture
Anything less would have been viewed as cowardly
Marquez taking a stab at the cultural norms of the his society through his novel
Overt sexual behavior by males is accepted by society but frowned upon for females
Shows how a woman's virginity is her main asset (in the eyes of a patriarchial society)
Virginity was highly important because a man needed to make sure that a child was his
Display of wealth; almost seen as a competition between the men
he is proving he's the best fit
Seen as a ridiculous and an unnecessary display of power
Marquez uses tradition and the motifs of honor, gender roles, and machismo in order to condemn the Colombian culture in which he lived.

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A classic edited volume analyzing the meanings of honor and its place in Mediterranean societies. An excellent starting point for investigating honor culture.