The Honors Thesis Proposal Committee will review all proposals

Thesis students conducting their research on campus over the summer are eligible for a Thesis Summer Housing Fellowship to assist with summer housing fees. The award is distributed through the Honors Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship application. The amount of the fellowship will be the equal the cost of a single in Marycrest plus the minimum required meal plan. Students may choose to live in other available University of Dayton housing, but will be solely responsible for any excess cost. Payments will be made to the student's account after the UHP verifies that the student has checked into University housing.

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Timeline to Completion:

1. 1/27

a. Formal Proposal Completion

2. 1/27-2/2

a. Unit planning, research, and generation of essential questions

3. 2/3-2/9

a. Formal Proposal Submission (2/4)

b. Assessment creation, formative and summative

4. 2/10-3/31

a. Daily lesson plan creation, including generation and obtainment of all materials

5. 4/1

a. Penultimate Draft Submission

6. 4/16

a. Oral Presentation

7. 4/29

a. Final Copy Submission

8. 5/13-5/17

a. Thesis Evaluation form turned into Honors Office

Final Product Description:

The final product will be a bound packet of materials. It will include:

· A unit overview containing a timeline as well as essential questions

· Detailed daily lesson plans containing copies all materials to be used and descriptions of modifications and accommodations

· All assessments, both formative and summative

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All Schreyer Scholars are required to complete an undergraduate honors thesis. This work represents the culmination of a student's honors experience. Through the thesis, the student demonstrates a command of relevant scholastic work and a personal contribution to that scholarship.

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The Honors Thesis Proposal should be signed by the student, the faculty mentor, and the Honors Director signifying that an agreement concerning the nature of the project (and a timetable) has been reached that is acceptable to all 3 parties. This document should be electronically submitted to the Honors Director.

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The student is responsible for selecting the professor who will supervise the Honors Thesis/Capstone Project. The professor’s research specialties should be connected to the student’s area of interest and potential Honors Thesis/Capstone topic. It is advisable to choose a person for whom the student has performed successfully in more than one course. The student should have a specific topic in mind before conferring with the professor. Since the Honors Thesis is basically an independent study, the student will need to convince the potential supervising professor that he/she understands the major field and has done sufficient preliminary research on the topic. Please furnish your advisor with the Faculty Information Sheet (yellow insert).

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The abstract must be approved by the thesis mentor and the Honors Director. Particular attention should be paid to the matter of whether the proposal seems realistic and whether the nature of the project is suitable for an Honors Thesis.

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Brandy’s paper was based on her Honors English creative thesis, titled: “A Murmur in the Weeds: A Memoir,” which deals with topics of family trauma, abuse, obligation and love.