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It is never too early to think about potential topics to bring to a professor for discussion. If you are considering pursuing honors, you should meet with a Political Science faculty member in the fall of your junior year, or sooner, to discuss the choice.

This article gives on overview of the ways to highlight the academic honors in resume.

Research Interests and Publications (optional)
Students may wish to present their research, related publications and presentations in separate sections. A description of each, in reverse chronological order, is most appropriate. Try to keep everything as brief and succinct as possible. You may want to mention your faculty advisor's name, if you think it would be helpful. Publications to which you contributed and are recognized should be listed in the appropriate bibliographic format for your field.

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This handout describes how to tailor your resume when applying for management positions.

The thesis contract identifies the topic, issue or question that the project will address, why it is a worthy issue to explore, and how the student proposes to approach the topic.

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Contact Information
Be sure to include your name, email, address(es), and phone number(s). Contact information can be centered or in left or right corners. If appropriate, include both a current address and a permanent address along with your email address. Students with an academic year address and a summer address can include both or use just the address at which they are residing when submitting applications for internships or jobs. If space is a problem, you may want to put all your identifying information on one line across the page. There is no need to include the word" "resume" at the top, as this is obvious. Be sure to regularly update your contact information on your resume, as it is vital that employers are able to reach you and you are able to respond to any messages left for you. If you cannot be reached during certain business hours, be sure to check your phone and email messages periodically. If applicable, you may want to add a work phone number where you can be reached during the day. Only include your cell phone number if you want to be accessible at all times. (Beware We have heard stories of students being contacted by employers late in the evening and on weekends.)

List the title of your senior or honors thesis, if you have one.

Your approach will be somewhat different for the functional resume. You may decide when you are considering a career direction that is not specifically related to your past job titles that you want to organize your experiences around skills you have developed. For example, if you are seeking a management trainee position you might want to describe your management, programming, and supervisory skills separately from the discrete positions at which you actually used them, and then merely list positions later in the document without descriptive passages. Since most employers want to know what your responsibilities were for each position, functional resumes may not be as effective as reverse chronological, but again, choose the style which best suits your experience and direction.

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