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21.4 The style of the thesis is to abide by the formats and patterns rendered in the current thesis manual of The Graduate School, Kasetsart University.

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B. Graduate School  The emphasis here is on scholarship and your research interests.

2. Students need to submit their thesis proposal with the appropriate consent of the thesis advisor and the head of department, or the graduate program committee chairperson in the students’ major fields of study at least before the end of the 4th semester since commencement of studies; otherwise, students are subject to the applicable fees for maintaining student status for the subsequent semester.

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A research project involving human subjects occurring outside the USA does not eliminate the requirement for full institutional compliance. The University is answerable for your procedures whether here or abroad. Research approvals and appropriate visas from the host country may also be required. These, however, do not substitute for university compliance. Research clearance must be obtained before you begin your travel or initiate research with animal or human subjects.

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Surveys, interviews, and data analysis represent a subset of human subjects research. Even if you believe that your survey, interview questions, or use of a data set are perfectly innocent, you must file a protocol with the Office for Protection of Human Subjects. That office will determine whether the project needs minimal review (exempt category) or a full review.

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You must have the approval of the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects/Institutional Review Board (CPHS/IRB) prior to engaging in any research project involving human subjects. Such research may include surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and interviews as well as other sorts of physical tests or experimentation which involve living persons about whom you obtain data through direct intervention or interaction. Approval applies not only to thesis and dissertation research, but also to research for class projects and internships if there is a possibility that data will be published or maintained for later use. Review committees are unable to give post facto approval.

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3University of Washington Graduate School, Style and Policy Manual for Theses and Dissertations, rev. ed. (Seattle: University of Washington Graduate School, 1991).