"Oedipus the King" was introduced around 429 B.C.E.

a god's touch enabled you to help us." (Socrates, 38-42)
The people of Thebes turn to Oedipus for help as they believe that as he solved the riddle of the Sphinx he might also do the same for this case.
However, Oedipus is revealed about his horrible past, and exiles himself; Kreon laments about his demise to the Thebans.
"A king of wisdom tested in the past can also act in a time of trouble, and act well." (Socrates, 46-47)
"Men, look upon Oedipus.

In Sophocles’s play “Oedipus the King”, Oedipus and Creon are two completely opposite people.

Oedipus had many faults, but it was primarily the tragic flaw of hubris, arrogance from excessive pride, which doomed his existence, regardless of the character attributes that made him such a beloved king....

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In “Oedipus the King”, Oedipus effectively portrays the idea of the classic “flawed hero”.

A Good Thesis Statement For Oedipus The King A good thesis statement for oedipus the king Good king that he is, ...

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Had Oedipus not killed Laius, the murderer of would not have to be searched out and ultimately, the truth about his marriage to his mother would not be told and the kingdom would continue to thrive along with the family happiness.

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With its intricate plot, archetypical tragic character, and lofty social issues, Oedipus the King provides for virtually any and all interpretations....

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The Great Gatsby.
Alexander DeSouza
Alexander DeSouza
1) Contrast their appearance to "seers".
2) Blind of the reality around them.
3) False realities that society observes
of these characters.
In both cases, both Oedipus Rex and Jay Gatsby are far from what society perceives them to be
If examined closer, the characters of Gatsby and Oedipus, and the way in which society views these characters, starts to become all fictional
Teiresias, the Blind Seer
The Owl-Eyed Man
Blind people have no sight.

Yet, the Blind Seer of Apollo is seeked out by the King of Thebes to help him uncover the circumstances regarding Laios' death.

Despite being unable to see, Teiresias is the only character who is able to see the truth, and reveals it to the King.

Not only does The Seer accuse Oedipus of regicide, but he all challenges his innocence, pride, and power.

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This also drives the plot forward as Teiresias gives Oedipu
s the
first hint that he is the man respo
for the king's murder.
"Sightless, witless, senseless, old man!