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The first step in reducing fertility is to provide access to contraceptives and information. That worked well in Asia and Latin America, where desired family size has dropped to near replacement levels. But since most Sub-Saharan Africans want large families, even where family planning services are available, fertility rates remain high and massive population growth seems almost inevitable. This study assesses the degree to which providing good family planning services and media messages can change the will to have large families.

The media affects society’s perspective and values which, in turn, shape the law....

While women have reached gender parity in education, they remain woefully underrepresented in government, have higher suicide rates than males, often face domestic violence and workplace discrimination and by law must retire at a younger age than men.

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Karen Gaia says: a good movie to see about this subject is Moolade, which takes place in Senegal. Why is FGM important? It is a practice that takes away womens and girls control of of their body and lowers their self-esteem, making decisions about spacing children and not getting pregnant more difficult.

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Clergymen who are often first responders in matters of domestic violence and potential (and actual) suicides by young people struggling with sexual identity have usually received little to no training for the job.

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Phillipine House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman welcomed the new papal statement on condom use, saying it signals the liberalization of the stand of the Catholic Church when it comes to condom use to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. The moderation of the Church's position on condoms to prevent the spread of a deadly disease may ultimately evolve to include the use of condoms and othercontraceptives to prevent high risk pregnancies," he added.

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In another area, a married couple serve as community health volunteers, spreading information to their neighbors and modeling good health practices for the community. With family planning the couple has been able to space out their children -- they have a son who's 7 and a daughter who's 1. The wife now has an Implanon implant. They haven't decided whether to have more kids; they say it will depend on future earnings from their farm.

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One woman's first seven children were spaced close together, a consequence of having no access to birth control. When health workers brought contraception to her community, she started using Depo-Provera and was then able to wait six years before having her eighth child. Amina wants a large family, but that's not what she wants for her daughter. "My wish for my daughter is to see her complete her education, get a good job, earn a salary, be independent, and live on her own," Amina said.