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Description :In recent years a number of bestselling books have forcefully argued that belief in God can no longer be defended on rational or empirical grounds, and that the scientific worldview has rendered obsol...

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Introduction and Objective:Controversy continues to exist about the effect of circumcision onpenile sensitivity and sexual satisfaction. This study was designed toevaluate penile sensitivity in both circumcised and uncircumcisedmales. We evaluated both large and small axon nerve fibers usingvibration, pressure, spatial perception, and warm and cold thermalthresholds. Measurements both in functional men and men with erectiledysfunction (ED) were obtained to evaluate for differences in penilesensitivities.

Methods: Seventy-nine patients wereevaluated. In the cohort evaluated, 54% (43/79) were uncircumcised,while 46% (36/79) were circumcised. All patients completed the erectilefunction domain of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)questionnaire. Patients were subsequently tested Vibration (Biothesiometer),pressure (Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments), spatial perception (TactileCircumferential Discriminator), and warm and cold thermal thresholds(Physitemp NTE-2) were measured. Bivariate relationships were assessed using chi square, t test, andPearson correlations. Composite null hypotheses were assessed with mixed models repeatedmeasures analysis of variance allowing us to covary for age, diabetes,and hypertension.

Results: Functional group t testanalysis only demonstrated a significant (p= 0.048) difference for warmthermal thresholds with a higher threshold (worse sensation) foruncircumcised men. However, significance was lost when we controlledfor age, hypertension, and diabetes. For the dysfunctional groups ttest analysis only demonstrated a significant (p= 0.01) difference forvibration (biothesiometry) with a higher threshold (worse sensation)for uncircumcised men. Again, this also lost significance (p=0.08) whencontrolling for age, hypertension, and diabetes. We also found thatoverall race is related to circumcision status with Caucasian men 25times and African American men 8 times more likely to be circumcisedthan Hispanics.

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Heterosexual oral sex
Again, only white men (84% of circumcised vs 73% of intact) said theyhad ever experienced either "active" or "passiveheterosexual oral sex" and black men (N=189, 71% of circumcised vs 57%of intact) had ever had "passive heterosexual oral sex" only - butthese terms are not defined.

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The faithful won't change their minds, of course (that is what faith means) but Victor Stenger drives a pack of energetic ferrets down the last major bolt hole and God is running out of refuges in which to hide.