An argument quite worthy of the hypothesis.

The body imprisoned never satisfieth debts, but by liberty and diligence in some calling, or by estate in possession, and management thereof. Is not therefore our present practice of the Law most Tyrannical, a cruelty not to be parallel’d in all in their arresting, tossing and tumbling of persons from one Gaol to another, as often as they please; yea, and that very often on false and feigned actions, being the lawyers and Gaolers lime-twigs to catch the poor harmless birds, and so to keep them in their iron cages for an unlimitted time; yea, some of them, till they therein starve or depart this life; as Mr. was, who being imprisoned in 1598. dyed there 1646. and Sir father, who was imprisoned for debt in the 38 year of Queen continued in prison about 36 years, then dyed, leaving his boned to his Creditors for their satisfaction; witness my own case also, who in 36, and 37, having lost a great estate by sea and land, did then in discharge of a good conscience, freely assign 3400 l. in goods and moneys unto my creditors, for satisfaction of my own debts, being 480 l. and ingagements of 2780, by which assignment they are eyed not to infringe my credit and liberty, yet most unjustly they imbesselled that myestate, imprisoned my body for some yeers, and to this day have given me no accompt thereof, nor of the overplus of that estate, nor can I have redresse for these my wrongs by them sustained. But if through the mercy of God to this Nation, Justice commeth to have its free current, and my losses sithence sustained in (amounting to 8500 l.) and above 4600 l. in and my seven years cruel sufferings, and great services sithence faithfully performed for this state (to the hazard of life) will bee looked upon with a single eye, and taken into a due Christian consideration, I then doubt not, but by the rules of Justice and piety, in some measure to reap due satisfaction (there being daily relief and satisfaction given to those that have sustained losses in since the rebellion) Therefore may I justly say with the prophet, who for my losses, sufferings, services, and fidelity to the state, have instead of protection and satisfaction been exposed to most unjust cruel and close restraint from 43. to 50. and in all that time nor having any accusers, nor the least evil laid to my charge. Yet do I ly under the scourge of some secret backbiting slanderous tongues. I could instance in many hundreds to this purpose, but I hope this is a sufficient pattern to reformation.

However, it is true that Sahagun did not write that the Hebrews had colonized America.

2. By the Bondage Marchants suffer after by all their care and industry, they have hazarded their estates and by Gods providence escaped the danger of the Seas (greater then which was never known) as by that almost incredible number of ships, which by a true list doth appear to be taken since our late warre with 1200 saile, (besides those which have been lost by shipwracke, fire, and such like casualties) should yet be exposed to an aditionall misery at home by not being permitted to deliver their goods after sale, without paying an imposed penalty by way of as if the trade of a Marchant (which formerly was accounted the most honorable profession, and principall fountaine, from whose industrious streames flowed in the riches of a Common-wealth) should now be looked on as guilty of some high and therefore fitting to bee manacled and awed with the bonds of slavish restraint, depriving them of felling their goods, with the same liberty, which the Farmer doth his sheepand oxen, or Landlord, his land and houses, without licence, or paying a fine; as if those goods which the Merchant hath purchased in forraigne parts, were not as properly his, as the Gentlemens houses and lands, (or the Farmers cattell) are theirs; or as if our Laws (to which all claime an equall title) should be dispenced with such partiall inequallity, that the one part may have an unquestionable priviledge, while the other is restrained by an unexcusable penury: yea, although this imposition be paid to the full of what that Law can demand yet dare they not deliver their goods without an Officer: so that by long and tedious attendance, for such besides other inconveniences (which requires the charge of keeping a servant more then ordinary, if they have any considerable trade) they often lose the sale of their goods, and conveniency offending them away, unlesse they will expose their estates to a violent seizure, by such, who like ravenous Wolves (using the Law of for their sheepes clothing) will not satisfie their unsatiable appetites, with lesse then the greater part thereof: The of alwaies setting them on (like Masty-dogs on filly sheep) incouraging and countenancing (not onely their paid Officers, but such as goe under the name of no purchase no pay, all which, are generally of inferiour ranke and no worth) to give information against any, whom they please, they being without controversie beleeved, before never such able and honest men, that can witnesse by oath to the contrary; because and sharers in the booties, though they vaile this their arbitrary proceedings, with this plausable excuse, that an oath on the behalfe of the State renders them unquestionable; thus they take the water out of the States streame, to drive the grinding Mill of their oppressions, putting men of mean fortune, into a capacity of undoing, and ruining whom they please, their poverty prompting them also for their owne profit, to swear any thing, because by their arbitrary power, they have halfe what ever they can swear men out of & so erect their own decaies by others ruins; so that from hence ariseth such a spirit of lying and hypocrisie, on the one hand, in hopes of gaine; and such Hypocriticall equivocations, and mentall reservations on the other hand, for fear of losing; that like an invenomed Serpentit hath ingendred a most obhorred and detestable spawne of carelesso swearing which is now grown to such a dangerous, and desperate monster of wilfull perjury, that the custome of this sin, hath taken away the conscience of it, esteeming others but bugbear, and by words, to the great dishonour of God, scandall of Religion, and infamy of this Nation, so that if not stoped, (like a canker) it will eate out the life of grace and spirit of fidelity from amongst us; and then consequently extinguish the very being of religion and power of godlinesse, and hereby also that sacred bond of an oath (which is observed by the very Turks, and Heathen, as the greatest, and most binding eye on earth, and should be also, a Christians chiefe security) will expose the life and estate, of every tender conscience, to the mercy, or rather cruelty, and treachery of every feared conscience, whose barbarous actions, and unbridled progresse in their impiety, utterly disanimates industry, and frights the spirit of ingenuity into a slavish fear.

A preliminary test of the hypothesis that the public ..

Nothing can be more in favour of our hypothesis than this remarkable fact.

How about Ireland plays this game? Millions of Americans deemed Irish citizens, their lives turned upside down by a country an ocean away that has written a very special and savagely punitive tax code just for the Irish that choose not to live in Ireland?