Joint Theater Trauma Registry 2003 through 2011

If you have any students who are interested in undertaking any of the projects please get them to compile a one-page synopsis of the proposed research. This should include an overview, a timetable of events, objectives of the research, the methodology they will be using and any further detailed data requirements they have identified. If the student requires more information about a particular topic they can Charlie Phillips and Anne Patrick directly at:

  (2013)Remote sensing and GIS for wetland vegetation study. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

Students may transfer up to two courses (six credit hours) from other departments into the degree as long as they represent a coherent sequence and/or are relevant to the student’s professional interest in GIS. All transfer courses must be approved by Dr. Stephen O’Connell, Interim Chair of the Department.

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One other piece of context, a friend recently rented another house for the winter to try to pay the heat and cover part of the mortgage while it languishes on our sluggish housing market. Instead he had to spend $25,000 fixing damage done to the basement foundation by the tenants (insulation that led to failure of a wall). Had he had Air BnB as the broker it would’ve presumably covered it.

Last night Pirmin committed our Globe plugin to the QGIS trunk

Kriging is acomplicated interpolation procedure and an expert in this field wouldbe ideal. For this research, the kriging analysis wasprocessed in Surfer 7.0, geoeas 2.1, and ArcGIS 9.0 GeostatisticalAnalysis.

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The Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) degree is modeled after the online Executive MBA programs. Students who enroll in the degree will ideally have had previous GIS coursework (having taken at least one GIS course at the undergraduate or graduate level) or be currently employed in a position which requires the use of GIS or GIS-based information services (i.e., either a GIS professional seeking greater training or someone who must manage GIS workers or who needs information from a GIS to perform his/her job).

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I have two kinds of map here (and should point this out at the heading of the post): one is simply “listings that show up when you search through Airbnb for listings in a given city, no matter where they actually are” and the second (better) type is listings combined with a GIS map of the city, so that neighbourhoods are better represented. I will try to mark the maps.

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There are several important research areas in GIS. One is different ways to modelspace. A user might want to combine two spatial data sets together that are modeled indifferent ways. For example, a marine biologist may want to combine sea current data withmarine biology models, but the two might treat the space differently. As previouslymentioned, the human structuring of space must be taken into account. For example, humansmay conceptualize space into a political hierarchy (country - state - county - city -neighborhood) while a geometry model would not take these into account.

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Hello Tom!
Your work is great and very helpful. I come from Athens, Greece so I want to ask you to publish dataset and map(if possible).
I used to work with GIS so I know there are very interesting things to do with the data.