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Orwell set his story in Oceania, one of three blocs or mega-states fighting over the globe in 1984. There has been a nuclear exchange, and the blocs seem to have agreed to perpetual conventional war, probably because constant warfare serves their shared interests in domestic control.

Even the superintendent grinned in a tolerant way.

Orwell’s setting in “1984” is inspired by the way he foresaw the Cold War – a phrase he in 1945 – playing out. He wrote it just a few years after watching Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin carve up the world at the Tehran and Yalta conferences. The book is remarkably prescient about aspects of the Stalinist Soviet Union, East Germany and Maoist China.

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- At this point, the dog symbolizes innocence and also brings out the humanity in the prisoners and the guards.
- He begins to lick their faces and they provoke him by throwing dirt.
- Is a source of comedic relief on an otherwise awful day

George Orwell - A Hanging
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"Yes sir, yes sir," he bubbled.