It is so much easier to stop and get fast food and then continue on.

The Center for Food Safety has filed a lawsuit seeking to block USDA’s approval of commercial sale of Roundup-Ready Alfalfa by Monsanto. Danger here is that Roundup-Ready alfalfa is the first, genetically-modified perennial crop to be released.

I know that many of us love to eat fast food, but it catches up with us in the long run.

This essay must be about genetically modified foods. A strong arguable thesis must be presented and appropriately defended. Do not use 1st or 2nd person. Double-spaced, Times New Roman font. With four in-text citations throughout along with a works cited page. The paper should be organized like this; an introduction, a description of the issue at stake, a discussion of opposing views, several reasons why this position is correct, and finally a conclusion.

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Ackerman, Jennifer. “Genetically Modified Foods.” National Geographic Magazine (2002).

Paris Reidhead revisits the subject of bee “Colony Collapse Disorder,” reviewing what U.S. scientists believe may be responsible for the scary disappearance of many bee colonies. But virtually ZERO scientists in the U.S. are looking at the possibility that bee deaths may be linked to genetically-modified (GM) crops. In Europe, governments have destroyed tens of thousands of acres of GM canola, due to research linking bee deaths to GM pollen. See no evil.

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Julie Walker updates fast-moving events in the Southeast dairy antitrust case. Producers must file their claims for payments from the $145 settlement involving Dean Foods, Southern Marketing Agency and James Baird by May 1. ALSO … the New York Times has won legal access to video clips playing in a court hearing back on January 20, 2011. These clips were from depositions of defendants. ALSO … The Milkweed warns Southeast dairy producers to watch out for “Carpet-Bagging Manure Spreader Chasers” trying to sign up dairy producers for a big percentage of their antitrust pay-out.

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Farmers facing shortages of seed corn should NOT replant carry-over Genetically-Modified, patented seeds they harvested last fall. Monsanto altered the appearance of GM plants (when they are photographed from spy satellites). That’s how Monsanto catches “cheaters.”

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Most likely, the DFA/Dairylea co-op merger will be approved by Dairylea members in early February. But Hardin’s getting in line fast with an “I told you so” warning about all of Dairy Farmers of America’s bogus assets and serious pending lawsuit liabilities. Another big lawsuit – the Southeast food retailers’ class action – was just put back on the docket.

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Because Chobani can’t guarantee its milk is not made from herds eating Genetically-Modified feeds, the upscale food retailer Whole Foods is taken Chobani yogurt off its shelves. Whole Foods is asking the virtually impossible of Chobani. The Milkweed suspects Whole Foods wants shelf space for possible marketing of its own house-brand “365” Greek-style yogurt.