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Bobby Ranjan, Ket Hing Chong, Jie Zheng. Composite mathematical modeling of calcium signaling behind neuronal cell death in Alzheimer's disease. BMC Systems Biology (APBC 2018), in press. 2018.

However, under specific conditions, the fungus can turn pathogenic and provoke diseases.

@Adil well same case is with us. Our FYP is research oriented, I mean we are working on FYP and also at the end will produce a Research Paper out of it. 🙂

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Lastly for your info, my paper didn’t come from thesis, but the Mutlimedia project of Sir Asim so yes FYP can be made into research publication and I don’t think implementing some one else’s work bears any significance at all for those researchers have already done that so why reinvent the wheel. Instead building and improving upon someone’s research is what the science is all about. There is a term peer-review in the CS research community, do check out what it implies and how researchers do it.

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You may check forNote: students who do not have a committed project by the end of Spring Term will not be allowed to register in COMP FYP/FYT course in the Summer Term.

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The answer to this question is that it depends on what you want to do in future. Perhaps at many occasion, I have instructed students to taste several platforms before graduation and let final year project be on platform which you like most. For example, Starting from a procedural language in first semester such as C, move to learn OOP in C++ and then in third year make a project such as networking and database using .NET and Java.

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Make a meaning: Try to solve real life issues, it might be big or small, but at the end of the project it must contribute in some manner to the society. Also, don’t delay it till the end of semester/year to work on FYP because in that case it will be nearly a piece of garbage not creating any meaning.

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AoA? I am a final year student of computer engineering and still searching a new idea for my FYP? Can u suggest me anyone?plz? I hav less time to submit the FYP report.

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I always emphasize on the importance of Final Year Project (FYP) and we can say it’s one of the most important aspects of your degree. It is the point where you can apply knowledge or what you have been learning in the past few years. It is the point that creates an ordinary graduate vs. an entrepreneur. It is the point that creates meaning of your degree and your existence as an engineer. It is the way of getting exposure and experience of what real world problems are, if done properly. It will inevitably be used as a gateway to industry and to discriminate YOU among your peers.