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Thenumeric designations used for fatty acids come from the number of carbon atoms,followed by the number of sites of unsaturation (eg, palmitic acid is a16-carbon fatty acid with no unsaturation and is designated by 16:0).

The numbering of carbons in fatty acids begins with thecarbon of the carboxylate group.

Fatty acids are produced by most organisms on this planet, mainly for use in membranes or as a long‐term store of energy. While the overall organization and arrangement of the enzyme complexes varies, the underlying chemistry used to assemble fatty acids is virtually identical in every organism; the crucial step being decarboxylative addition of malonate thioesters to elongate the growing acyl chain by two carbons, followed by reduction, dehydration and reduction of the resulting 3‐oxo functionality to 3‐CH2, prior to further chain elongation.

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The presence of double bonds generallyreduces the melting point of fatty acids.

Acetyl-CoA synthetase activates acetic,propionic, and acrylic acids, medium-chain acyl-CoA synthetase ac¬tivates fattyacids with 4 to 12 carbon atoms, and long-chain acyI-CoA synthetase activatesfatty acids with 12 to 22 or more carbon atoms.

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The other product, a long-chainsaturated fatty acyl-CoA having two fewer carbon atoms than the original fattyacid, now becomes the substrate for another round of reactions, beginning atthe first dehydrogenation step and ending with the removal of a secondtwo-carbon fragment as acetyl-CoA.

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The mobilization,distribution, and oxidation of fatty acids are integrated with the utilizationof carbohydrate fuels; both are under complex endocrine regu¬lation.


The cause of this differencebetween short and long chain fatty acid absorption is that the shorter chainfatty acids are more water-soluble and are not reconverted into triglyc¬eridesby the endoplasmic reticulum.


The doublebonds of naturally occur¬ring unsaturated fatty acids are in the cisconfiguration, whereas the unsaturated acyl-CoA intermediates in the oxidationof saturated fatty acids are trans, as we have seen.

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Smallquantities of short chain fatty acids, such as those from butterfat, areab¬sorbed directly into the portal blood rather than being converted intotriglycerides and absorbed into the lymphatics.