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Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit is specially designed to provide reliable synthesis of full-length cDNA. M-MuLV RNase H- synthesizes complementary DNA strand initiating from a specific primer, oligo d(T) or random hexamer. The absence of RNase H enhances the synthesis of long cDNA as the RNA strand does not degrade in DNA-RNA hybrid during first strand cDNA synthesis. This cDNA synthesis kit is readily compatible with various cDNA-dependent downstream applications.

A full-length cDNA should encompass all sequences fromthe CAP site to the poly (A) addition site.

At the final step, ds cDNA is amplified by PCR. Use of Encyclo polymerase and specially designed primers allows synthesis of full-length-enriched cDNA that is flanked by PlugOligo and CDS adapter sequences.

MGC Full-length Clone InformationOrder cDNA clones

High‐efficiency cloning of full‐length cDNA.

- Rapid and reliable way to remove repeated transcripts from cDNA library
- Equalization of full-length-enriched cDNA before library cloning
- Simple procedure, no physical separation steps
- Fully compatible with Illumina / Solexa, ABI / SOLiD and Roche / 454 sequencing protocols

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OmicsLink™ Expression-Ready ORF cDNA clones are generated from sequence validated full-length cDNA clones or high-quality cDNA libraries. ORFs are constructed in expression vectors using GeneCopoeia’s proprietary RecJoin™ cloning technology. With a comprehensive selection of over 100 expression vectors and more than 50 single or tandem fusion tags, researchers have the flexibility to find the most suitable constructs for their functional genomics, proteomics, and system biology research. You can request to either have your gene-of-interest cloned into a chosen vector with unique features, or simply order from our vast collection of pre-made human and mouse expression-ready ORF clones.

PCR-free synthesis of full-length cDNA ..

Trimmer-2 kit is designed to normalize amplified full-length-enriched cDNA prepared using . The resulting cDNA contains equalized abundance of different transcripts and can be used for construction of cDNA libraries and for direct sequencing, including high-throughput sequencing on the next generation sequencing platforms (Roche/454, ABI/SOLiD or Illumina/Solexa). The kit also includes special adapters allowing use of Clontech SMART-based kits for construction of cDNA intended for Trimmer-2 normalization.

TeloPrime Full-Length cDNA Amplification Kit - tataa

Glen Research is delighted to introduce a GalNAc modification strategy using a monomeric GalNAc support and the equivalent GalNAc phosphoramidite. Our experimental work has shown that these products are fully compatible with regular oligonucleotide synthesis and deprotection. Oligonucleotides containing GalNAc can be deprotected using standard procedures during which the acetyl protecting groups on the GalNAc group are removed. Glen Research offers these GalNAc C3 products under an agreement with AM Chemicals LLC.