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The 2SH's response to the issue of the minor agreementis to weaken their significance by attributing variouscauses for them. For example, B. H. Streeter devoted achapter on this issue with an analysis that is largelymaintained today(; see also).The minor agreements are by a combination of reasons howMatthew and Luke could have independently arrived attheir anti-Markan agreements, such as coincindentalredaction, overlaps with Q or oral traditions, andtextual corruption.

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After a few false starts, the modern argument for the 2SH has settled into a two-step analysis. First, an explanation for the triple tradition, Markan priority, is is established and then arguments for the relative independence of Matthew and Luke are made, which result in hypothesizing a common source, Q. Among the best-argued cases for the 2SH in contemporary scholarship include and .

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1. Verbatim agreement. It is rarefor two independent reporters of the same eventto share more than a few words in common, but thesynoptic gospels often feature a substantialnumber of agreements in their exact words. Forexample, in one passage about John the Baptist,Matthew and Luke agree for 61 out of 63 Greekwords of a presumably Aramaic speech. Generally,the verbatim agreement between Matthew, Mark, andLuke runs about 50% of the words, but, bycontrast, their agreement with John in parallelepisodes falls to about 10%.

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The hypothesis was developed in the 18th and 19th centuries from the attempt to reconcile inconsistencies in the biblical text. Biblical scholars, using , eventually arrived at the theory that the Torah was composed of selections woven together from separate, at times inconsistent, , each originally a complete and independent document. By the end of the 19th century it was generally agreed that there were four main sources, combined into their final form by a series of redactors, R. These four sources came to be known as the Yahwist, or Jahwist, J (J being the German equivalent of the English letter Y); the Elohist, E; the Deuteronomist, D, (the name comes from the Book of Deuteronomy, D's contribution to the ); and the Priestly Writer, P.

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While the hypothesis has been increasingly challenged by other models in the last part of the 20th century, its terminology and insights continue to provide the framework for modern theories on the origins of the Torah.

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Aug 4, 2017. Unlike other critics of the Two Source hypothesis, Farrer took for granted. since Farrer's death, however, disciples like Michael Goulder have. Two Document hypothesis 2DH, Farmer offered a defense of the Owen-. Griesbach. Luke.2 A decade later, Goulder revived a theory of Austin Farrer,3 which. The acceptance of the Two Source hypothesis by most leading synoptic. that most of arguments favoring the Farrer-Goulder hypothesis are reversible.

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From this, we are able to test the extent to which three "solutions" to the Synoptic Problem i.e. The Two-Gospel Neo-Griesbach Hypothesis, the Farrer-Goulder. Under the Farrer Hypothesis, Matthew is still dependent on. Mark. 6 Michael Goulder, “Luke's Knowledge of Matthew,” in The Minor Agreements Symposium.