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On February 8, 1918 the squadron was reorganized into the US Army (as hinted at in the finale of “Flyboys”). Most of the veteran members were set to work training newly arriving American pilots.

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A handful of others had a different idea: they decided to learn how to fly! The first of them—a squadron of only 38—became known as the Lafayette Escadrille. “Flyboys” is their story.

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“Flyboys” is not an epic saga, nor is it a B-movie. It is a fine representation of comradery, dedication to a basic moral cause, heroics, love and sacrifice. The reference to the seriousness of war is repeated as these young boys learn that one must think carefully before entering into this type of situation, but once there not to back out, instead devote oneself to the cause, to those whose life you are defending, and follow through.