There are two types of flowers, wild and civilized.

It is a home to some of the world's most efficient and most innovative producers and it gives them access to range of marketing channels and financial information, storage and logistics facilities, which makes cut- flower production and distribution one of the most successful sectors of the Dutch economy (Haak, 1992).

In both interpretations, the Wind and the Window Flower signify a man and a woman.

Soluble phenols and flavonoid content of flower stalk were higher than their parents for both F1 hybrids; also their MPH and HPH were quite evident.

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In the last paragraph Myop picks up the flowers and places her bouquet in front of the lynched man.

In order to investigate the effects of vermicompost and N fertilizer on quality traits such as seed yield, seed oil and protein content of safflower, a field experiment was carried out in 2011 at Khorramabad-Lorestan, Iran.

Study of the Sampaguita Flower - The National Pride of Philippines

The study was conducted with the aim to determine essential oil and its composition in fresh stem flower and dry stemless flower of lavender and lavandin cultivars.

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In the research, the highest fresh herb, drug herb, flower and stem yield (7402, 3025, 750 and 1606 kg/ha, respectively) were observed from last blooming stage.

Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

The disease surveys were conducted, during the period of February to June 2006, in randomly selected bean fields at three major plant growing stages such as seedling stage, flowering stage and fruiting-harvesting stage.

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The number of days from plantation until 100% of flowering and physiological maturation, plant height, head diameter, 1000-seed weight and seed yield were significantly influenced by plant density.

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Results showed that drought stress had significant effect on photosynthesis, plant height, lipid peroxidation, chlorophyll content, proline and carbohydrate concentration, flower yield, essential oil percentage and flower essential oil yield.

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Planting pattern had significant effect on the number of days from plantation until 100% of flowering, the number of days from plantation until physiological maturation, plant height and 1000-seed weight.