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When a computer program requires legitimate access to confidential data, the question arises whether such a program may reveal sensitive information to an unauthorised observer. There is therefore a need to ensure that a program, which processes confidential data, is free of unwanted information flow. This thesis presents a formal framework for the analysis and enforcement of secure information flow in computational systems such as computer programs. An important aspect of the problem of secure information flow is the development of policies by which we can express intended information release. For this reason information lattices and maps on these lattices are presented as models, which capture intuitive notions about information and information flow. A definition of security is given, based on the lattice formalisation of information and information flow, that exploits the partial order of the information lattice. The lattice formalisation gives us a uniform way to enforce information security policies under various qualitative and quantitative representations of information. An input-output relational model, which describes how a system transforms its input to publicly observable outputs with respect to a given attacker model, is presented as a primitive for the study of secure information flow. By using the relational model, various representations of information, which are shown to fit into the lattice model of information, are derived for the analysis of information flow under deterministic and nondeterministic system models. A systematic technique to derive the relational model of a system, under a given attacker model, from the operational semantics in a language-based setting, is also presented. This allows the development of information flow analyses parametrised by chosen attacker models. A flow-sensitive and termination-sensitive static analysis calculus is presented for the analysis of information flow in programs written in a deterministic While language with outputs. The analysis is shown to be correct with respect to an attacker model that is able to observe all program outputs and which can determine the termination or nontermination of program execution. The static analysis also detects certain disjunctive information release. A termination-sensitive dependency analysis is developed which demonstrates how, by employing abstract interpretation techniques, other less precise but possibly more efficient information flow analysis may be obtained. The thesis concludes with further examples to highlight various aspects of the information flow analysis and enforcement framework developed.

Dynamic Object Flow Analysis, PhD thesis, Adrian Lienhard will be available on

Process flow analysis A public safety unit of a university issues identification cards at the beginning of each semester. Every year about 6,000 new ID cards are issued. The steps in the process and the approximate times are given below. Note: Steps 1 and 2 must be completed first, and Step 6 must be completed last. Steps in the process Estimated time 1. Review the application 15 seconds 2. Verify information 25 seconds 3. Check student/staff status 40 seconds 4. Take photo 70 seconds 5. Attach photo and laminate 35 seconds 6. Issue ID 20 seconds

1968 Analysis of the flow induced by air-bubble system.

As the motion is in one plane, a two dimensional flow analysis is possible.

As an alternative to established medical imaging-based diagnostic techniques such as chest X-rays, and pulsed or continuous wave Doppler ultrasound scans for cardiac diagnosis, we develop a magnetic resonance imaging based approach and perform flow quantification to analyse the heart, vis-`a-vis blood movement in chambers based on a measured flow field.

“Computational Bottlenecks in Optimal Power Flow,” M.S Thesis, ..

Yes, yes, you’re right! I have been talking about Statement Of Cash Flow (basic) a lots on the previous post. In this post I am going to make it more advance, more valuable for you, your company (business) with case example and analysis previews. This post is dedicated to try to cover most critical questions around the analysis of the statement of cash flow. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding and make you done with your cash flow analysis.

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The Financial Manager, Controller and CFO should compute for analytical purposes cash flow per share equal to net cash flow divided by the number of shares. A high ratio indicates the company is liquid.

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