which use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis

Flowering period: Data of the two seasons in revealed significant variations for flowering period among the different treatments. Generally, adding 100% chemical fertilizer combined with NFB (T5) or with PDB (T9) or with NFB+PDB (T12) or at 50% with NFB+PDB (T11) gave the longest significant flowering period, compared with the other treatments. The minimum flowering period was recorded in T2 where the plants were supplied with a nitrogen fixing bacteria only. The longest period may be attributed to the presence of biofertilizers especially inoculation with sp. and PSB which consequently lead to more flower initiation and flower duration. This may be due to easy uptake of nutrients and simultaneous transport of growth promoting substances like cytokinins to the axillary buds resulting in breakage of apical dominance. Ultimately, they resulted in better sink for faster mobilization of photosynthates and early transformation of plant parts from vegetative to reproductive phase. Similar findings were published by on tuberose and on chrysanthemum.

has a role to play in the conversion of light energy into chemical energy during photosynthesis.

Besides, presence of microorganisms can change form of nutrients into available ones that can be easily absorbed by plants. This may lead to an increase in photosynthesis and other biological processes that reflected on the cell width and division. These results are in agreement with those of on and on .

It's captured by plants during photosynthesis ..

Magnesium is a part of chlorophyll pigment, without which photosynthesis would not be possible and the plant would fail to prepare food and energy.

You can always learn more about fertilizer to seed ration by reading the instruction manual that comes along with your fertilizer. Not so with the rate. Note that when placed close to the seed during planting, two things can happen. The fertilizer can delay or prevent germination altogether. With that in mind, be keen with spacing during application.