Synth Magic Farfisa Polychrome KONTAKT - TEAM R2R

- Hammond L-100 organ
- Hammond B3 organ
- Farfisa organ
- Rotor Sound
- Dynacord Echocord
- Dynacord Echocord Mini
- Eminent Amplifier
- Echolette Panorama Mixer
- Echolette Echocord Super
(see more models at )
- Schulte Compact Phasing A
- Mutron Biphase
- ARP 2600 semi modular synthesiser (unconfirmed)
- ARP 2500 modular synthesiser (unconfirmed)
- ARP Omni 1
- Oberheim SEM synthesiser (unconfirmed)
- Korg PS-3100 (used live by Karl Bartos)
- Korg PS-3200
- Korg PS-3300 (now owned by Karl Bartos)
- Texas Instruments TI-99a Computer with Speech Synthesizer cartridge
- Eventide H-910 Harmonizer
- Mattel Synsonics electronic drum
- Roland 100m modular synthesiser
- Simmons SDS-5 Drum Modules
- Triggersumme (a precursor of the Simmons SDS-6, a Matrix of 5x32 clocked switches which allowed Wolfgang Flür to program patterns of 2x16 or 1x32 steps, controlling either the Simmons SDS-5 or other rhythm units)
- Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer
- Doepfer A-100 modular synthesiser modules
- Doepfer MS-404
- Roland S-750 sampler
- Roland S-770 sampler
- Shure microphones
- guitars, flutes, a vibraphone and other acoustic instruments, in the early years of the group

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The Farfisa Polychrome was a synthesiser composed of various sections such as Percussion, Strings, Ensemble and Vocal synth. We sampled every section and added lots of new twists along the way.

Farfisa Syntorchestra Schematics

This Kontakt instrument is based on the very rare, 1978 Farfisa Polychrome synthesiser. Fully programmable from the front panel, just like a real Polychrome and simple to use.