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Some degree of local military and police participation was noted Certain ministers, Plehve for example, were distinctly anti-Semitic Some sought to divert growing mass discontent away from official circles and to disfocus it with racist distractions aimed particularly, but not exclusively, against Jews Ukrainian/Russian writer and journalist Vladimir Korolenko reported on the scene a few days after the pogrom [TXT] It is possible to see a parallel in the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in USA, but a difficult interpretive maneuver is called for = Both a connection and a distinction must be made between "official" and "public" attitudes and behavior, between governmental tactics and outlook, on the one hand, and popular attitudes and actions, on the other Racist attitudes in society grew in late 19th-century Europe, along with nationalism and imperialism 1903my:Siberian city Ufa's Governor-General Bogdanovich was assassinated by political terrorist1903su: Manchuria "Russian LumberCompany" sent "workers" (actually soldiers in disguise) down the Trans-Siberian Railroad to enforce Russian business interests in the far east Businessman Aleksandr Mikhailovich Bezobrazov was the leading proponent of this action Bezobrazov was an entrepreneurial adventurer with huge timber concessions in Russian maritime provinces and in North Korea He and his business adventures were carried out in close association with the Russian imperial military establishment Bezobrazov's action was a sign of Witte's failure Witte failed to convince tsarist officials that a military approach to Asia was not in the best interests of Russia He failed to convince them that the best approach was "peaceful economic penetration" along the full length of the Trans-Siberian railroad The Russo-Japanese War was the most important consequence of Bezobrazov's Manchuria victory over Witte Failed domestic policy of the tsarist state now contributed to its failure in international relations.

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McClellan’s candidacy failed to capture the public imagination as Union military victories, such as the victory of General Philip Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley in October reignited northern faith in an eventual Union triumph.

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