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Their work led in 1953 to the proposal of the double-helical structure for DNA and the replication scheme. Crick and Watson subsequently suggested a general theory for the structure of small viruses. Later, in research with Sydney Brenner, professor of genetic medicine at the University of Cambridge, Crick developed ideas about protein synthesis (‘the adaptor hypothesis’) and the genetic code.

(1994c) Shipwreck of a grand hypothesis: review of Francis Crick

Styne's critique of Crick ignored the fact that Crick never held a belief in panspermia. Crick explored the hypothesis that it might be possible for life forms to be moved from one planet to another. What "drove" Crick towards speculation about directed panspermia was the difficulty of imagining how a complex system like a could arise under pre-biotic conditions from non-living chemical components. After were discovered, Crick became much less interested in panspermia because it was then much easier to imagine the as being made possible by some set of simple self-replicating polymers.

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Crick F The astonishing hypothesis: the scientific search for the soul.