A Cruel Angel's Thesis - Neon Genesis EVANGELION / Yoko Takahashi;

A two disc soundtrack for the film , released September 25, 2007. It expands upon the previous work, adding more english language choir tracks, and several remakes of songs from the original series. Not included is the credits song, , which was released on a later single.

A Cruel Angel's Thesis ( Neon Evangelion Genesis opening ) alto saxophone solo

The main theme song for the anime series, "A Cruel Angel's Thesis", plays during the opening of the show. It was sung by , with lyrics written by Neko Oikawa. Many versions of the song have been produced, from the TV version which removes some background voices, to a jazz remix on .

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A two volume collection of songs from the series arranged in a marching band brass style, they were released December 9, 2009. In the place of traditional strings, wind instruments such as flutes are substituted. While some songs are simply remade, others, like , are changed dramatically to take advantage of the style and feature new vocals.