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Alternative methods to improve performance and carcass traits, considering animal welfare. The aim was to compare surgical castration and immunocastration in beef cattle raised on pasture. Immunocastration can replace surgical castration and is an efficient method to improve carcass traits. The castration methods improve meat quality and carcass finishing; however, intact animals present greater production capacity.

Secondly it is essential to look at the concept of capital market efficiency and what it means.

Often, carefully controlled experiments can provide significant information at doses well below those anticipated to be "safe"; measurement of subtle changes of reaction time, behavioural functions, and sensory responses may be examples.

An example of toxicological information used in standard setting

Typical examples of quantal effects are death or occurrence of a tumoura.

1.5.3 An example of toxicological information used in standard setting Although standard setting procedures will differ from country to country, and the requirements for toxicological information will vary to a considerable extent, it may be useful, nevertheless, to describe, as an example, the procedure used in the USSR for setting standards for chemical pollutants in surface waters (Sysin, 1941; WHO, 1975a).

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7.2.1 Long-term bioassays The fact that environmental factors have a direct effect in producing cancer in man is shown by: (a) the unequivocal evidence of the chemical origin of occupational cancer, for example, urinary bladder tumours in workers exposed to aromatic amines, lung cancers in workers exposed to bis(chloromethyl)ether, etc.; (b) the well-documented cases of iatrogenic cancer; (c) the positive correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer; (d) the differences in cancer incidence in urban and rural populations and (e) the results of studies on migrants showing that for some types of cancer they acquire incidences similar to those found in the host countries.

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The changes produced are dose-related, which permits construction of dose-effect curves and calculation of the concentration required to produce, for example, a 50% decrease in respiratory frequency.

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An Table 6.3 Responses of the lung to various chemicals Chemical Bronchiolar Loss of Oedema Epithelial Fibrosis Emphysema Granuloma epithelial goblet metaplasia hyperplasia cells nitrogen dioxide x x x x x ozone x x x x x allergens x sulfuric acid x x bis-chloromethyl ether silica x x coal dust x x beryllium x x x cotton dust nickel compounds Table 6.3 (cont'd) Necrosis Neoplasia Bronchial Alveolar Nonsuppurative constriction epithelial alveolitis hyperplasia nitrogen dioxide x ozone allergens x sulfuric acid x x bis-chloromethyl ether x silica coal dust beryllium x cotton dust x nickel compounds x example of this adaptive phenomenon is seen with ozone.

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For example, the advantages of continuous exposure for simulating environmental conditions may be offset by the necessity of watering and feeding during exposure, and by the need for more complicated (and reliable) aerosol and vapour generation and monitoring techniques.